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Social Acupuncture/Social Meditation : All the Bandages

Social Acupuncture/Social Meditation : All the Bandages is a cross installation/wearable. The idea was initially inspired from the unnecessary polarity in the art world between fine artists and craft artists. There is an invisible wall between the two with some snobbery thrown in which causes limitations in creative thinking. My work, in general, tends to live in the space between these two worlds and often has trouble finding a place to rest.

The custom T-shirts you see here you represent the individuals in the world who you pass every day. You may be one of them, in fact, I’m sure you are one of them, as am I. We all have internal scars and baggage which makes us who we are. So, what if we could see this damage on everyone as they pass us in the street? What if you were looking at this evidence of pain as someone said something rude to you or pushed in front of you? Would you react to them differently?

Each of these T-shirts is original and represents an individual. Each “bandage” sewn on with “scar tissue” stitches, represents a life and the struggle that person has overcome to continue on, wearing their baggage on the outside. Interested in wearing a piece of art in your everyday life? Be part of the installation...

All The Bandages T-Shirts - $70 / $75 

: Boston Today, "Fort Point Arts Community Presents -- All the Bandages," (pdf)

Photos: Donna Diamond, Jean Hangarter.  Video: Donna Diamond