Today we will talk about Mindfulness

So, the reason that mindfulness is on my mind, though shouldn’t it always be?, is that this past weekend I attended a silent meditation retreat high on a hilltop in Roxbury – in a convent no less. Though lately I feel as though I belong in a convent – nevermind, strike that – it was . . . → Read More: Today we will talk about Mindfulness

Maybe, hopefully, will be on NECN, Style Boston

I was interviewed yesterday for the NECN (New England Cable News) Style Boston segment in regard to the Fort Point Artists Community and our store, Made In Fort Point. If you’ve never been to our store, it’s fantastic! I know I might be a bit biased, but we have the coolest one-of-a-kind things in almost . . . → Read More: Maybe, hopefully, will be on NECN, Style Boston

Being who you are....

I read this killer article last night about how Shakespeare’s writings could very easily have been written by this Jewish woman named Amelia Bassano.

I wrote a paper in college on who actually wrote Shakespeare’s works and I didn’t know about this woman at the time. I guess she just came into notice in the . . . → Read More: Being who you are….

General World Thoughts….

So, the world is not looking so good today, eh? The pictures of those poor little birds upside down, not able to fly and covered with oil, will just break your heart. Employment situation, not looking so good either.

Well, I have a cool cheery recommendation. Sit in a beautiful, sunny location, under your favorite . . . → Read More: General World Thoughts….