Today We Will Talk About Pop Culture....

I don’t know if you have been watching BostonMed or not, but what a riveting show! I am not a reality TV watcher, in fact I can’t stand the stuff, but wow! If this is what reality TV can be like, then I will reconsider. There is so much to learn about one’s own . . . → Read More: Today We Will Talk About Pop Culture….

The Dalai Lama Says....

There are so many cool things that the Dalai Lama says that relate to life and art equally. He posted on Facebook a few months back with a beauty from the 18 principles, “Learn the rules, so that you can break them properly”. This one applies to everything, really. I find that most people either . . . → Read More: The Dalai Lama Says….

Greater New York show at MoMA PS1 - NYC

I went to see the PS1 show in Queens this past weekend and it was so much better than the Whitney Biennial. I think I had mentioned that I couldn’t find one inspirational work at the Biennial, well, there were several at PS1. My favorite was a video (yes, a video! I had given . . . → Read More: Greater New York show at MoMA PS1 – NYC

Today we will talk about Benicio Del Toro

I am heavily influenced by film, as my first life was in film studying and working, and two years of it spent in Hollywood on gigs.

Good film work has the ability, like any inspirational art, to fill me up with passion in order to get to work in my current medium or to think . . . → Read More: Today we will talk about Benicio Del Toro

What is up with guys and blowing things up?

So, anyone know the answer to this?

I have never seen so many illegal fireworks as this fourth of July week and they are all guys obsessed with more, more, more blowing things up. I’m not sure they even care about the pretty, sparkly colors at all, just the BOOM!! Isn’t the point the pretty, . . . → Read More: What is up with guys and blowing things up?

New Car and Cool Architecture

Happy 4th everybody!

So, here is a link to the cool new building Zaha Hadid built in Rome called Maxxi, The National Museum of Arts from the 21st century, She does such amazing work and in more of a sculptural way than most architects. Her work is very light and edgy – love it.

. . . → Read More: New Car and Cool Architecture

Song of the Day

Music influences me quite a bit, as some of you already know, and this morning I was listening to Lauryn Hill’s Forgive Them Father. It’s a beautifully layered song with a mission and wonderful rhymes that don’t just rhyme to rhyme – they’re relevant and perfectly placed. Lovely.

So, new on the agenda for this . . . → Read More: Song of the Day