Films on a Break

While away the past week I viewed many films, 3 of which were music documentaries. The first, This Is It, the Michael Jackson documentary of his final tour rehearsals was good, but a bit repetitive and lacked any kind of narrative. I guess they wanted the work to speak for itself but the only things . . . → Read More: Films on a Break

Feverfest and New Work Coming....

Firstly, let me start off with going to see Feverfest last night. What a fabulous time! Affordable , small production, low-budget theatre put on in a little, back alley, non-airconditioned room – I love it! There were 5 short plays all put on in an hour that dealt with issues such as a woman who . . . → Read More: Feverfest and New Work Coming….

Thinking about Feminism….

“When you are going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

I am not going through hell, but at times aren’t we all? Moments even?

Today I am thinking about Feminism and how it became a dirty word? When did everyone turn against it? It seems like a conspiracy coming from the girly magazines, Paris Hilton, . . . → Read More: Thinking about Feminism….