The Beauty and Inspiration in Everyday Life


My Garden Friend

So, I found this little guy in my garden this weekend and just marveled at the trusting and easy going nature he and his life possess. The picture is deceiving. He’s only the width of a very thick shoelace.

Look at that shape all sinuous and flowy. He’s . . . → Read More: The Beauty and Inspiration in Everyday Life

Ah! Spring is Here!

I wanted to share this quote on gardening, since it is a big part of my life in the upcoming seasons….

Creating a garden is an act of faith: faith that your own knowledge, instincts, and vision can produce a thing of beauty. Approach the planting of your garden with an unintimidated reverence, and expect . . . → Read More: Ah! Spring is Here!

A Word About “Sleep No More”….

A few weeks ago now I journeyed to New York City with my good friend Silvia to see Sleep No More in an old abandoned hotel called The McKittrick in Chelsea.

I had heard about this “play” from Silvia and several other theatrical types from when it ran in Boston last spring. There it played . . . → Read More: A Word About “Sleep No More”….