You Do Realize We Live in the White Matrix, Don’t You?

color bias, people of color, prejudice

Portrait by Raphael Mengs, after 1755

Johann Winckelmann, an 18th century German art historian, is considered the “father of art history”. He said, “The whiter the body is, the more beautiful it is.” and “Color contributes to beauty but it is not beauty.”

Is this not the perfect argument to rethink everything we’ve been taught about art, equality, fairness, truth and anything else?

Ok, if that isn’t enough, here’s another one.

writer, racist, racism, white priviledge

Goethe in 1828

Johann (can someone come up with a different first name, please?) Wolfgang von Goethe, also an 18th century German writer (he is considered the German Shakespeare), said, “That I am the only person in this century who has the right insight into the difficult science of colors, that is what I am rather proud of and that is what gives me the feeling that I have outstripped many.” As Seth Godin says, “If he were living today, he would have invented Facebook.” Ha!

One more by Goethe….”Savage nations, uneducated people and children have a great predilection for vivid colors. People of refinement avoid vivid colors in their dress and the objects that are about them.”

This one was in response to the quandary about whether white marble Greek and Roman statues should be returned back to their original states of being painted. They truly were painted and they most likely were painted with whatever skin color closely resembled the persons likeness. The white marble suited the white Europeans just fine and they were contented to leave them in their unrestored state as this way, they looked as the Europeans preferred them to look.

Just one example here. There are oh so many out there.

Time to question everything. Thoughts? Comments?

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