A Special Artist Floating in the Fort Point Channel……

Today, on the front page of the Boston Globe, is an article on Heidi Kayser’s floating    performance art piece called “The Remodeling Project“.  It’s a little 8′ x 8′ piece of heaven that started with a “For Rent” sign and now has AstroTurf, a little picket fence, and depending on when you catch her out there, laundry, a picnic spread, gardening equipment (including a lawn mower – mine in fact), and a yard sale.

Heidi is commenting on the American Dream and what defines success, however, she is also making points about the state of the real estate market for the average person as well as being comfortable in the very small spaces that the city allows, and the loneliness and isolation that many feel in the over populated city.  Her plot was marked as “For Rent” when she first moved in, is in the process of being changed and developed, and will eventually read as “For Sale” when she’s done, most likely being sold for much more than what she paid for it.  The artists of Fort Point have been living with that cycle going on around them for years now.

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