A New Gallery in the Hood…..

As you may or may not know, Dorchester is my beloved hood and I’m so excited about all of the cool new changes that have been happening over the last several years.  One great

Untitled, Esteban Neumann

restaurant after another and now a new cool gallery, although I’m a bit slow on the uptake in a couple of ways.  One way is that it’s actually been there for about a year, however, the group of artists (15 of them) found the place completely trashed, got a great deal on rent, and then took about 6 months to get it ready for their first visitor.  The second reason I’m late is that this blog is happening several weeks after I visited their awesome show Spin the Bottle, and their current show opens tonight (that review will be coming soon).

I love how “pop up” the Howard Art Project space feels, with a new, edgy anything goes mentality.  There are a maze of rooms to travel through in the space, some of which are open and some of which aren’t, depending on who’s participating.

The first room I wandered into had this little guy (to the right) sitting in it, by Esteban Neumann.  He looked so happy and was disappearing before my eyes as he was made of Barbasol shaving cream.  You win some, you lose some, I guess.

In the back room there were these beautiful totem and cupie looking dolls by Carolina Pupo-Mayo.    I loved these little guys.  They are all up to something and each one is a different something.  The detail is wonderful and menacing.

One room had a wall of small video screens with headphones attached.  Each one gave step by step instructions on how to make the artist’s favorite, cheap snack in a low budget version of a foodie show.  It was hysterical to listen to someone explain how to take the plastic off of a Kraft single, put it on a plate, microwave it and then eat it in strips with a spoon.  Another artist described how to make smores with Nutella, a fork and a gas stovetop.  Bravo on this issue!  I am always thinking how everyone thinks of themselves as a foodie these days and making that stuff you see on TV shows is really expensive.  We’re in a recession people!  Not everyone can afford these expensive ingredients or order the spice that must be flown in from California for one dish.

Anyway, check out the Howard Art Project.  They are at 1486 Dorchester Avenue and are open during exhibitions on Saturdays from 12-6.  Tonight they are having the opening for Congratulations! You Have Been Rejected!, May 18-31.  A group show of work that has been rejected from other shows at least 3 times.  I love the idea of work retaining it’s importance based on the importance to the maker and viewers, no matter what someone else says!

Untitled, Carolina Pupo-Mayo

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