A Cool Flick, Not to Be Missed…..

Must be seen, amazing biography of Sixto Rodriguez, an American unknown musician from

Poster for Searching for Sugarman

Poster for Searching for Sugarman

the sixties who released two critically acclaimed albums in the late sixties/early seventies, and then disappeared into obscurity.  Not that weird of a story, right?

Then the story goes, in this award winning Sundance film, that some Americans travel to South Africa sometime in the seventies, pass copies of the album around, and the albums explode.  He is known to South Africans, Australians and New Zealanders as a musician in the ranks of Hendrix and Dylan and has sold millions of records.  Until fairly recently, they all thought he was dead as rumors ranged from dramatic on stage suicides involving flames and gunshots to other variations on the story.

Two South Africans tracked him down, while trying to get some more information on the artist, and brought him to SA for some concerts, both sides not really believing that the other was real and would actually be there.  This is a story that sounds like a fiction tale but actually happened.

The most moving part of the story for me was listening to his daughters talk about what a great father he was and how he made sure to educate them in all areas of the fine arts, taking them to galleries, museums and theater.  One of them says that learning the arts intimately gives kids a greater view of the world and expands their boundaries, understanding that this (meaning where they are) isn’t all there is and that they have options.  This comment made me realize that, in our country, if you don’t have a parent who has the knowledge and will to teach these things, then the rest of the world is closed off for these kids.  They may not learn that there is a way out and hopelessness can set in.  The arts really are so important to children’s healthy development, so why do we eliminate them from the teaching schedule at first discussion?


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  • Alys

    Thanks for reading them all, Preston! I appreciate the time invested. It also makes me realize that I HAVE TO get back on the wagon. I’ve taken a much too long break. Thanks for the push!

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