Catch Victoria Shen as the Modernist Manicurist thru Friday.

I had a fabulous modernist manicure last week at the Howard Art Project.  It was a dark Rothko that caught people’s attention wherever I went.

Rothko Nails

Another fabulous, unconventional idea from the Howard Art Project in Dorchester’s Fields Corner, right across from the Fields Corner T station.  Such an amazing idea and great link to our times when more people are in tune with the state of their manicures than they are with modern art.  This experiment brings two parts of life, which would normally be at separate ends of the thought spectrum together in a fabulously fun way.

My friend had Franz Kline nails done and they were louder and gave more of a feeling of controlled chaos than mine, but also lasted longer.

Franz Kline Nails

These are feminine designs of generally dead, white male artists.  Woman claiming the art in a feminine way for themselves.  WBUR did a great interview with Victoria Shen for their new site within their site, The Artery.  You can read it here.

So, if you have a little free time and you would like to have the fun we had, just make an appointment with Miss Shen at  She’s there thru Friday.  You won’t be sorry.  I promise.  Plus, we’re working on getting her for our FPAC store, Made in Fort Point sometime in the very near future.


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