Today We Will Talk About Pop Culture....

I don’t know if you have been watching BostonMed or not, but what a riveting show!  I am not a reality TV watcher, in fact I can’t stand the stuff, but wow!  If this is what reality TV can be like, then I will reconsider.  There is so much to learn about one’s own body, human behavior, having a meaningful job, investing oneself, wholeheartedly, in what one does and (oh, my, God) CARING!  It is so refreshing to see people on the screen who care about others and what they are doing so much that they can’t help but break down and cry, and therefore, so do we.  Looking and being cool is not the main objective here.

Next on the agenda of pop culture is an experience I had this past weekend when I was in the yard gardening a bit, late evening, dusk is setting in, and from the second floor porch, diagonally behind my house, where 8-10 little Haitian girls in the 8-12 year old age range were playing physical games restricted by the small nature of a porch, suddenly, they all break out into song – not a cultural song or something similar that you might guess, but Justin Bieber’s Baby were in unison and so incredibly loud and passionate that I had to laugh.  You could hear the teen angst or beginnings of teen angst in their little voices.  So cute!    If you don’t know the story of this kid, Bieber, he was discovered on Youtube and then mentored by Usher.  Really, he won the life lottery.  He does seem to have a social conscience, which is nice since he has the attention of every female tween in the world right now.  Can you imagine if we had an evil teen hearthrob come up with the power of Bieber, David Cassidy or Hanson?  They could take over the world with little girls doing anything they asked.  There’s something comforting about there being something that universal in the world though, know what I mean?

Last night as I was again gardening in the yard, I heard two little girls talking to each other from different porches.  After a short silence, one said “I love Justin Bieber”.  Thank goodness he’s dedicated to good.

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