Are We In the Age of “Like” but No Action?

Ok, here’s what I’m thinking about this week….th

As I dive head long into the digital world of, All The Pardons, my new app (first app, only app), I’m thinking about the age of “like” that we’re living in. We are asked to “like” everything on a myriad of social media sites, blogs and anything that’s digitally interactive.

So, what does it mean to “like” something? Has “liking” things replaced our ability to act on things, interact with people in real life? If someone dies, is “liking” a post on Facebook equal to sending flowers or a personal note? How do we really feel about that when looking at it in a realistic light and not thinking about it as “just the way things are now”?

I’m truly interested in what you think about this.

I’ll tell you how I feel about it. I miss real human interaction. Don’t get me wrong. I interact with people and do have my quality connections but now go out of my way to do things that, yes, aren’t how things are done anymore. It brings more quality to my and others’ life. I can see on people’s faces how much they appreciate my extra effort and how I’m not treating them as they are being treated by others.  This is something that has happened slowly and deliberately over time.

Don’t think that I’m not getting something out of this. I definitely am. It makes me feel good. It gets me out of myself (as we all tend to go deeper and deeper inside all the time) and makes me more empathetic to others. It makes me feel more human and feeling human feels good – probably because that’s how we’re naturally wired.

Here’s the thing. I don’t want to lose my humanity and I feel like there are constant attempts to slowly pull that out of us. That’s the way we lose things, right? Slowly and barely noticeable. Scary.

thOk, so do one thing this week that wasn’t expected or “just isn’t done anymore”? Maybe even just think about doing one thing that fits one of those two categories and let me know what it is? Would you share? Go below and “leave a comment”.  Plleeeaaassee!

When I write these I feel like I’m talking to myself and I’d love to see some evidence that someone is out there. Connect with me baby!


4 comments to Are We In the Age of “Like” but No Action?

  • I agree that in some ways in our super socially connected world we are fast losing the ability to connect with other human beings. It is akin to paying with cash as opposed to tapping with your phone. Who even recalls rotary phones? In the age of text, instant messages and DMs, it seems fewer and fewer people actually make phone calls at all. I had good friends who, once FB became popular no longer used email. If you didn’t communicate with them through FB you didn’t get to talk with them at all. It is certainly an age of transition. We become so wrapped up in our focus on social media on our phones that we miss everything going on around us.

  • I’ve been wondering the same thing lately, Alys — as it seems a greater portion of my time is spent “liking” (or being angry or sad about) our current political situation.

    As for your initial query: I tend to view my “like” as a personal stamp of approval (or disapproval)!?! However, as a politically active nonviolent resistor, I do take action to be sure my voice is heard by my legislative leaders and elected officials, locally and nationally.

    Also, as a socially active consultant to nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, I provide pro bono services to inspire and equip others to actively work for social change.

    As Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”.

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