Are You As Excited As I Am?

All The Pardons logo

All The Pardons logo

Hello y’all.

Though at the brink of exhaustion, I am making good headway on the All The Pardons App. Oh so close to having the website up and running, the video is 75%-80% done and the Kickstarter is being formed (ok, mostly in my head, but that is where it all happens, Peeps).

This is more work than I could EVER have imagined, and what a risk we take in our creative endeavors when we put ourselves out there like this? There is no certainty of success or that any of this will come out as I had originally envisioned (in fact, changes are happening every day as I adapt to what is possible and what is not), but it’s rewarding anyway. Funny, isn’t it? It’s new and exciting and challenging and I believe in its goal. That’s what’s driving me. Passion, baby!

In the end, I hope y’all like it and that it makes a positive difference in your lives, or the life of someone you know. That is it. Simple, yet true.

That little person you see to your right is the All The Pardons logo. He’s nameless at the moment but here’s my idea…

I would like to conduct a little contest. This little androgynous person needs a name and would love some input here. Whoever comes up with the best name gets a free All The Pardons T-Shirt, with the logo on it, when I print them after the Kickstarter event ends. Up for it? Come on, it’s free to enter so why not? Just go to my website and go to Contact.

I will be using high quality shirts, made in the USA and made of organic cotton. Not sure of the end date yet but will probably keep it going until the right name finds me. I’m waiting….

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