Have You Ever Made A Video?

Hey all!th

So, video making is easy these days. Seriously, when I was in film school it was a huge freakin’ deal to put a film, or even a video, together. If you made a film it was really expensive, you had to make well sure you got every clip you needed the first time, editing was stressful as you had to literally cut and match the sprockets (I haven’t used that word in a really, really long time) up and tape them together…ok, yes, I know, dating myself. Anyway, it was an ordeal. Video was the tape version and you needed big heavy equipment to do anything.

Soooo, today you need a phone and iMovie, or it’s Android equivalent. So awesome!

The skills are basically the same and I was so happy to find that they hadn’t left me, phew. I shot 3 vignettes that showed little instances where the app would come in handy with guest appearances by some of the Youth Scholars from work, friends of friends, my niece and my mother and then MC’d it myself with my friend Silvia Graziano (thanks Silvia!) who added a great bit of humor. Oh, and another friend, Donna Diamond, who helped shoot the parts I couldn’t (thanks Donna!).

There’s one vignette on the subway that was really challenging as we had to shoot multiple takes on the train with the doors opening from different sides and trying to keep the continuity straight. Not easy I tell you! People were so nice about it though, giving us space and moving to make life easier for us. The train conductor even came over to ask if everything was ok because people kept getting off and on the train over and over again at every stop, heh, heh. You’ll have to tell me if my instincts are any good but the video should be done sometime this weekend. Please let me know what you think!

All The Pardons logo

All The Pardons logo

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