I’ve Finally Launched My Kickstarter Campaign! Have You Done This Before?

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Ok, so it’s finally launched! I can’t believe it!

This was a long and complicated road. It seemed so simple, but that’s an old story, right?

Have any of you done this, or tried to do this before (I say that because I can totally see how giving up might be an option :)? If you have, I would love to hear your experiences with it.

Well anyway, so my first deadline was set for before I took my vacation (the first one in 3 years has to fall in the middle of a deadline, right?), then it was moved to after my vacation (good move), then because of technical difficulties, two weeks after that. And now it’s done. Well….not done per say, but launched.

And this is exciting! I mean exciting in the way that it feels like you’re deep into a video game and you feel the competitive urge and passion that you must… win! And I do feel the passion here. This is a labor of love and I know you will all see the deep need and use for this app in the world. We all know someone who can use it…or we need it ourselves, right?

So, the next step is that I am now going to ask you to please consider pledging to my Kickstarter campaign. Just in case you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter…it’s all or nothing. Either I make my entire financial goal or I don’t make anything. It’s 30 days long and there are lots of fun gifts that you can get.
You can just pledge $1, if you’d like, and anything you pledge helps me reach my goal – so it’s all important and appreciated by me!

Santa Clara, Cuba

Santa Clara, Cuba

I would also like to ask that if you like what you see & hear, would you please share this with your contacts? The only way this will succeed is if it spreads far and wide and I definitely need help with that part.

On that note I will leave you with one of my gazillions of photos from my recent trip to Cuba where I was struck by the people’s sense of community and great social gifts. I’m not sure we were ever that warm a people here but we have definitely lost a great asset with the onset of technology in the front of our thoughts and phones buried deep within our faces.

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