People Really Think You Can Get Rich Off of an App?


So, as most of you know, my Kickstarter for All The Pardons app is three quarters of the way done. This was a learning experience through and through. It’s not over yet, but I think I can pretty safely say that I’m not going to make my goal.

I SO appreciate everyone who’s taken the time and thought to pledge any amount toward this project! You have no idea how much I appreciate it…anddd…I won’t forget it either.

This was a risk and I knew it would be a risk. I also knew that I was diving into totally uncharted

So, I am choosing to unequivocally be proud of myself. Yes, you heard me. “Who does that?”, you say? I’m trying to start a trend here.

So many people have told me that they never would have attempted this but, why not? I say. Nothing ventured, right?

It’s true that I did invest a bit in Facebook advertising – just to see if it would work. I got some attention but not sure how well it worked practically. Anyway, lots learned.

The next options are thus: 1)Redo crowdfunding but on Indiegogo, where there is no goal to reach to get the funding 2)Grant searching (already looking into this) 3)Both 4)Ideas I haven’t come up with yet but working on it.

It’s funny – going back to the title of this post – so many people who I’ve told about the app have said “you’re going to be rich”. That’s probably happened the number of times that you can count on 10 fingers and 10 toes and the companies are household words, but honestly, even those are companies where the app came much, much later, or later anyway. My point is, it’s a rarity and it’s really hard to even make your money back on an app, but of course, it costs a lot to have made, or make.

Anywho, I am mucho open to any ideas any of you may have on opportunities to fund this project. I am already exploring the Aspberger’s/Autism world as I think the app has a lot to offer anyone who has trouble with social cues. Ok, I’m open to ideas…I’m listening…go ahead….:)

2 comments to People Really Think You Can Get Rich Off of an App?

  • Suzi Runnestrand

    Sorry Cuz!:_( Sent you $20.00, all I could spare but suggest you change the icon to a friendlier/more attractive looking one?

    • Hi Suzi,

      Thanks so much for leaving feedback!
      I got the $20 today – thank you SO MUCH!
      That was so sweet of you!

      So, the logo came about because I wanted it to be unisex (hence the no distinguishing features) and a little distressed (because the idea is that he just made a faux pas and realized it). The most important part of the logo is that it be instantly identifiable and that people associate it with the app.
      I agree, he’s not the most beautiful person in the world but I think he/she does what I intended him/it to do. Yes?
      Let me know if this makes sense to you.

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