Anyone Know God (can you put in a good word for me)?

Hello Everyone!

So, if God steps in there’s a chance I will make my Kickstarter goal, but assuming he/she’s too busy, probably not. So, I’m working on next steps.

Kickstarter page -

Kickstarter page –

The honest truth is that I don’t have the kind of social media following that one would need to successfully complete a Kickstarter campaign at this level. If you’ve had a chance to look around Kickstarter, the site is no longer a one person indie start up site – the pages are professionally done and the videos look as if Francis Ford Coppola himself lent a hand. This was an experiment and I went in both feet first. You win some, you lose some. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Yada, yada, yada….

My next thoughts move to grants and possibly a smaller Indiegogo campaign where, as opposed to Kickstarter where you only get the pledge money if you reach your final total goal, you get all pledge money in the end (no matter how much it is).

All The Pardons Home Page  being played with

All The Pardons Home Page being played with

This project will happen either way and I want to make a pledge to you that this is the case. I am still working hard in the background on the app (page sample attached here). It’s happening no matter what!

So this is the time for me to humbly ask you to sign up for my mailing list (I promise that I show that list to no one) so that I can keep you informed as to what is going on and when the app will be available. Also, I want to make sure that you get the app when it is ready!

In the meantime…I am looking for some testers to help me work out the kinks. Anyone interested? I would love for it to be one of my loyal Kickstarter backers (those guys get first dibs if they’re interested) or blog readers to help me out with this!

I look forward to hearing from you…..:)

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