OK…One More Time!!

Ok, I wouldn’t call this a do over….I would call this a next try. I am changing the formula slightly and attempting a more successful bid.download

I am talking about a crowd funding campaign – for my app All The Pardons.  It’s the app that lets you know when you’re being rude or insensitive with your cell phone. The second installation from my Social Acupuncture/Social Meditation series. Yes, that’s the one.

Tried Kickstarter, wasn’t for my kind (and I mean the kind that isn’t an already fully funded, corporate, slick, pre-funded entity). Seriously, most of the campaigns I researched on there were funded on their first day and had videos that looked like they had a Hollywood budget. Does that happen? Not for me apparently.

downloadSo, the official plan is to try to do an IndieGoGo campaign. With this site I will be able to keep whatever amount people pledge and not have to reach a goal in order to keep the money. Sounds much better for a tiny little entity of one like me, doesn’t it?

I will be doing more research into this in the next few weeks but the aim looks to be early September for the launch. Are you with me??….I can’t hear you!….. Are you with me???

Please say “yes”. :)

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