Should I Rest Before I Dig In Again?? Yes!!

Ok, one break before I dig in again.Kickstarterlogo

This fall is looking crazy. I need to revamp my website and launch another funding site. All good things but…a lot of work. What isn’t really? Anything worthwhile is always going to be a bunch of work. The plus side is that it distracts the hell out of me which is an advantage no matter how you look at it these days. Am I right?

So, here’s the scoop. The app – All The Pardons – is in the phase where we are testing it and trying to find all of the kinks (not the fun kind) and work them out. Making an app like this is a huge investment of time, resources and money – all of which I’ve funded myself at the moment and it’s bending me a bit further than I’m comfortable with at this point in my life. The crowdsourcing is to help finish this project without making me live in a cardboard box on the curb outside of my house. Good goal, yes?

Secondly, I am looking voraciously (great word, don’t you think?) for people to help me test the app. The app is free, as most apps are. You would receive a download and you would just report back to me on what you find as you’re using it. You would be one of the first one’s in! Exciting, no?

I would love, love, love this collaboration and input. Really. Seriously. Earnestly. Determinedly. Resolutely. Fervently.images

Ok, that was a damned good use of!

Who’s stepping up!?

I’m sticking an adorable kitten in here to beg for me because no one can resist a cute begging kitten, right??

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