Are You Finding People To Be Generally Angry?

So…here is my motivation….

All us little veggies getting along harmoniously.

All us little veggies getting along harmoniously.

If you follow any of my social media feeds, you may be wondering why I’m talking so much about etiquette and kindness and presence/thoughtfulness. Well, don’t you think we’re lacking in these areas at the moment as humans? I mean, some of us are better at it than others but still, I feel my humanity slipping away along with everyone else. I want to save it and help you save yours too. I’m allowed to try to do that, right? Try being the key word….

So, that is what All The Pardons app is about and why I’m working so hard to launch it into the world.

I was thinking this week about how society has gotten so crowded and society’s social mores have broken down so much that we are each bestowing and receiving little hurts to each other every day, but that in itself is not the damaging part. The most damage is coming from us sublimating these little indecencies multiple times a day, each and every day. We push them down, convince ourselves that they don’t actually hurt us and move on to the next thing. Some speak up, and start fights with strangers and/or friends (we all know these people too, am I right?), but most of us keep it all buried because it’s not worth it to start something, or we’re too busy, or we’re embarrassed that we would let a stranger hurt us like that.

I’m guessing that most people haven’t even given this much thought consciously. It’s the “can of worms” that we would open and who knows what might come rushing out, right?

So….my work is to prevent some of this in the first place. Anyone who has ever done something nice for someone else, just because, knows downloadthat it makes you feel better. It makes everything better. So, imagine a society where everyone is being kinder to one another. So much more livable, yes?

I’m asking for your help at the moment to fund this project. You can link to it here – Indiegogo. Anything would help – even $1. If you can’t afford $1, would you consider letting your contacts know about this project? I truly appreciate your time for reading this and hope your day is conflict free.

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