From a Marshall to an App?

This week I saw a sneak preview of Marshall, a film about the famous supreme court justice, Thurgood Marshall. Up front, I

Marshall, the movie

Marshall, the movie

highly recommend it (I haven’t done a movie review in a while, have I?), but more than that, it’s a very important film. This is true not just because Thurgood Marshall is a vitally important figure in American history, but because white America knows so little about him.

Marshall didn’t just have to be better than the other attorneys he encountered, he had to think rings around them, and he did. His IQ was on an equal level as his EQ (emotional quotient). He met, scanned, read and targeted a Jewish lawyer in the town he arrived in to defend a black man charged with raping a white woman. This was during the second World War and he knew that this was a man who had worries overseas (the Holocaust), the same worries my family had, and because of these worries he knew that this man would not be able to turn away from a clear cut case of prejudice in the end, besides we all know how good it feels to actually help someone (we do, don’t we?).

So, I bring this up because the film rattled some old feelings in me and made me think of my motivations to do the work that I do. The themes in this film resonate thoroughly with the issues that motivate me and so I have felt a strong connection to it that has grown stronger as the week has progressed.

This naturally leads to my motivations as the creator of Social Acupuncture/Social Meditation, and the first two projects under that heading, All The Bandages and All The Pardons. My father, who passed away a year ago August, was a Holocaust survivor and I imagine most of the survivors are nearing the end of their lives at this point in time. I am, and he would have been, terrified by what’s going on in the world right now. I feel passionately that with a little slowness of pace, opening of ears and eyes and patience with one another – going back to old fashioned manners – that we can get a lot more accomplished.

So, nearing the end of my plug cycle, but I need your help and I’m asking for it as plainly as I can, with so much gratitude for anything you can do. Please consider pledging to my Indiegogo campaign by clicking on the button below. It will help support my creation of All The Pardons, mentioned above, which is an app that will aide people in being kinder to one another. $1 is fine, if that is all you can spare. In fact, that’s awesome! I appreciate you, all of you, even if you can’t donate anything. A plug by you on social media is also appreciated though!


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