Blade Runner 2049…Dystopia Preventable with All The Pardons app?

Ok, I know this is bordering on a trend (film tie in to topic) but, really, I’m just going with the

Last weekend I saw the new Blade Runner 2049. Though it is very depressing in so many ways, it’s a fabulous movie and really relates back to my themes in a myriad of directions.

So, without spoiling all over the place, I will talk in as many generalities as I can.

I don’t think it’s going too far to make clear that the film takes place in the future and is dystopian. Much of the woes of this time period are attached to technology and how it’s run our lives to the point of the extinction of the human race. Most of society is run by replicants who try to be as human as possible with the benefits of having super human strength and being able to heal themselves extremely rapidly.

So, the results of human traits being so valued in what appears to be extinction is: loneliness still exists, wanting/needing/hoping to be special in some way, desire for intimacy and ultimately reproduction in a traditional way. This film serves perfectly as examples of what I’m addressing in my app All The Pardons. We all long for intimacy, and technology is threatening our access to intimacy these days. Little things like being made to feel important, valued and respected – which aren’t really little things at all – are being taken away from us as we make the little square electronic thing the most important object in our lives. We all know how great it feels to have someone’s undivided attention and for someone to make us feel special and important….so, all we have to do is remember that we all feel that way and that it also makes us feel good to be on the other end of it. Do something for someone today (no strings attached) and remember how good it makes us feel too.

And….this is the last day to contribute to my Indiegogo campaign! Please consider donating to the completion of the app. Building the app is a lot of work but I’m hoping to make a little corner of life a lot better, which is worth it (click on the image below).


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