Are You Sad At the State of the World These Days?

I’m sure I’m not alone these days…I mean in my thinking.

Monsanto is getting away with uber poisons that could potentially kill off all of the independant farmers along with their non-GMO crops, all in the name of greed (click here if you feel the need to act on this).

Influencer to Alys Myers Studio

Architectural Rendering of Pat Falco’s “Luxury Waters” condo tower, 2017 (Pat Falco)

Elephant’s are getting closer to extinction everyday (click here, ditto).

Rascism seems to be so institutionalized that sometimes even people of color can’t see it (see WBUR article here).

And affordable housing is beyond most people’s reach. Well, artist Pat Falcois smartly satirizing this topic at Open Gallery, near South Station (in Boston folks, sorry if that’s not near – really cool piece though- check it out), through November 1st, with Luxury Waters: Sales Office that shows the reality, that Boston is a luxury utopia that no one can afford. A framed poster at the entrance reads “Tower above the city with the largest income inequality gap in the country. Pre-selling fall 2017.” Sadly, it’s true (the statement, not the pre-sell :).

Influencer to Alys Myers Studio

Pat Falco, Boston Campaign Headquarters (detail), 2016 (Pat Falco)

Falco previously did an installation in an empty Faneuil Hall store front, called Boston Campaign Headquarters, where he set up a fake campaign facade with the front door reading “Land of the free and 200 million other people”. Great stuff.

See, there are a cohort of us (large, I hope) out there trying to fight for this place to be better. If enough of us join in, we can make a dent. Join us or support us or raise us up!

Lastly, the Indiegogo campaign is over for All The Pardons app. You will either be overjoyed, sad you missed it, or you’re now thinking, “What’s she on about?”. None-the-less, I am happy to be moving back to the production side of the job. The pages are almost done! Yay! Happy weekend everybody!

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