Release of a Baby App into the World…and Some Encouragement

Ok, you heard it here first folks! The Android version of  All The Pardons app (the app that tells you not to be rude with your cell phone) is released and the iOS version is coming very shortly! I can’t believe it!

App, All The Pardons, kindness, be present App

This has been such a long road and I feel like I’ve been very, very slowly giving birth to this thing. I’m a new momma!!

So, this coincides with a little obsession I’m having right now with the artist, and former scientist, Enrique Martinez Celaya. Celaya is a painter, sculptor, poet and philosopher and is such a deep thinker that I haven’t gotten at all sick of listening to his interview with Krista Tippett from the On Being podcast called The Whisper of the Order of Things, over and over and over. I’m one of those people.

I love his voice and his distinct view on life’s issues. Here’s a quote that I’ve been particularly obsessed with this week.

“There is a tendency for us to think that to be a prophet, or to do anything grand, you have to have a special gift, be someone called for, and I think ultimately what really matters is the resolve, to want to do it – to give your life to that which you consider important. And if you have no skills to offer, or nothing special to offer, it’s all the more amazing you do it, the more remarkable.” ~ Enrique Martinez Celaya

artist, poet, painter, philosopher, writer

Enrique Martinez Celaya

I LOVE this quote! It’s so humble and honest and grateful and kind – and encouraging. So important for any artist or any person trying to struggle through something they feel passionate about. He is not condescending or looking down at us in any way. This is rare and a gift.

Celaya speaks like a poet and conveys content like a philosopher/prophet (“a philosopher’s questioning and a scientist’s eye” – Krista Tippett). These people are so unusual in their purest, truest form. I wanted to share him with you.

Check out the Android version of All The Pardons if you have such a thing – and let me know what you think! Have a great weekend!

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