Are the Number of Crazy People in Public Increasing?

This has been a big week, with the Android version of All The Pardons app being approved last Thursday! It’s so exciting!

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All The Pardons App

The iOS version is coming and it’s so interesting at how much more particular Apple is about approving new apps than Google. They keep asking question after question, asking me to change things and all in the name of user privacy, safety and convenience. I had heard before that Apple was more privacy conscious but I think we’re all skeptical these days about any of these giant companies doing anything for our benefit, am I right? I know I’m skeptical.

And, of course, I just get more and more zoned in on people’s phone etiquette everywhere I go because of All The Pardons.

Yesterday morning there was a woman on the T (the “T” means subway in Bostonian) who was having a phone conversation with (presumably) someone at top volume while at the same time we assume that 1) she knows she’s on the T 2)she knows the T is filled with other people (especially at morning rush hour) and 3) there’s a good chance she’s bothering said people.

crazy, lady, loud, phoneThe answers from her end – unless I’m forgetting something, which is definitely possible – are 1) she has forgotten she’s in public 2) she’s crazy and isn’t actually talking to anyone on the phone or 3) she just doesn’t care and didn’t feel any of us have the right to tell her what to do. There is of course one other possible option in this crazy world we’re living in and that is that this woman was looking for attention from all of us and that, I believe, she got. She got it from me and most likely others though we were trying not to show it. Please let me know if you know of another option I’ve missed here.

It seems like the more crowded this world gets, the more insecure people are trying to get everyone’s attention from crazy behavior on the T to America’s Got Talent tryouts. You hear me? They’re everywhere – though more in cities I would expect. It’s a trend I expect to continue and expand as more people are more places.

Unless……so here’s one of my crazy theories. I’ve been saying this for a while though. If we instilled therapy institutionally for everyone from say 10-15 or 16 years old, there wouldn’t be such rampant insecurity, or as many shootings and such. Just a thought but I suspect I’m on to something here (of course I do!:)

Have a great weekend y’all!


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