One Global Government and Mediating the Parent/Child of Technology….

Listening to one of my favorite podcasts just recently, the Disrupt Yourself podcast with Whitney Johnson, I fell in fascination with an interview

Kevin Kelly, technology, future, AI, globalism

Kevin Kelly

with Kevin Kelly, the executive founder of Wired Magazine. He had some intriguing and thought provoking things to say about the future of tech and where we’re going with all of this AI and globalization stuff.

Here are some pieces/parts that I absorbed from that interview….

Regarding technology and our love/hate relationship with it, he says that we have a complicated relationship with technology because we are the master and the slave simultaneously as well as the parent and child simultaneously. This presents a tug of war in our brains that needs to be resolved as we work through it.

In my view, the only way to reconcile these two sides is through some sort of rules based discipline. If we let things take their own course, and run amok, I see the analogy as a child who craves discipline from their parent. There is a part of the child’s brain that sees the lack of discipline as lack of caring, which is true to some extent. We need the caring.

globalism, globalization, AI, the futureKelly’s second point was regarding globalization. We think we are currently dealing with globalization but we aren’t really yet. It’s coming though…

Think about it. Everything keeps getting smaller, every economy affects every other economy at this point. As this continues, every country is going to start demanding to have some say in what every other country is doing because it affects them so profoundly. I don’t know how long this will take, but it seems really logical to me. One day…many moons from now…there will be one government for the world…and there will be too much risk of overthrow for the government to not actually represent everyone. Interesting stuff, yes? I love it!

So…if you’d like to set up some rules for yourself to try to forge a more civil dialogue between your technology based parent and child, try All The Pardons at It will help you to be a more thoughtful and mindful practitioner with your mobile phone. :)

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