You Know That Microphone Amplifies, Don’t You?

Ok, I am especially preoccupied with consideration these days and, particularly, presence in consideration.

Space Station 76, movie, isolation

Space Station 76

I saw a very creative film last night, Space Station 76, that combines space travel, the future and the 1970’s into one film and it was such an interesting concept! The reason these all go so well together is because the alienation of space travel – the lonliness, isolation, drifting – the unknown projection of the future – a cold space ship with long, unending corridors – and the memories of the 1970’s with its intolerance, cliched personality types, self-centeredness and, as a result, more isolation – make for a bleak black comedy where everyone remains distant, disconnected and again, isolated.

So…moral of the story…lack of consideration, overwhelming self-centeredness and life devoid of presence makes for a pretty miserable life. We are social beings and we function so much better as a cohesive worker bee colony.

So here are some questions to ask yourself.  When you stop on the street to answer a text or answer a phone call…do you pull over so people can get by or do you stop in the middle and block everyone? Have you even noticed what you do?

phone, dinner, etiquette, rudeWhen you enter a meeting or meet someone for lunch, do you turn your ringer off and put your phone out of sight or do you leave it on the table – a constant reminder to the person or people you’re with that something or someone else is more important.

One more…when you’re in a ride share or in a public place, do you talk at the top of your voice when you get a call or do you remember that there are others around and speak quietly so as not to disturb them (as much as possible)?

These are instances where life is better when remembering to be considerate – and I promise you, you will feel better about yourself for being a kinder more gentle version of yourself. :)

Assistance with better behavior to be found at or at your nearest Google play store or iTunes store for download (for FREE!).

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