Were You Bullied As A Kid…Or Now?

Were you bullied as a kid?bully, intimidation, insecurity

I kind of see people as either the bullies or the bullied but that’s a bit too simplified, isn’t it? If we’re all truly honest with ourselves, we can probably conjure up images of times when we’ve been bullied and times when we’ve been even slightly, yet purposefully, intimidating toward a brother or cousin, am I right?

The truth is that we all have these different people in us and they lie in wait of the right circumstances to come out and play.

As children we may be defenseless against the bully. We may not know what to do to protect ourselves or are lacking in the self esteem we would need to get ourselves out of the situation, however as adults, we have so many resources available to us and opportunities to build up our confidence that there’s really no good reason to give into the bully’s web of chaos, shaky insecurity and mistrust.

The way to the other side is through. There is no other workable path to break the destructive maze of intimidation that comes from these people. I have just come out on the other side and though it’s always a painful experience, holding your own is a very satisfying reality. The recipe is: focus on the goal, remember to be a good person and don’t let them see you sweat. Oh, and don’t forget to breathe! ☺️

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