Are You Familiar with Monkey Mind? 🐵

“The definition of success is the ability to go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Now this is a very interesting quote. I don’t think that the person who said it (not sure who that is by the way) means total failure,

selfie, MOMA, art, colors, monkey mind, Buddhism

Me inside the Cosmic Closet at the Studio 57 show at MOMA

in fact, I’m sure they didn’t.

Life is made up of tiny to medium sized failures (most of the time) which we encounter each and every day, to some degree. And, even if we aren’t artists, this holds true, yes? Well, of course it’s true as the quote doesn’t say “The definition of success for artists…”, right?

So, let’s say….you’re walking down the street, going to work in the morning, and you run to catch the bus and awkwardly trip and fall flat on your face at 8am – that’s a little failure. Easily recoverable, but still, not the way you originally envisioned your day to begin.

Here is my tie in…I am having some technical issues with the All The Pardons app at the moment. I had intended to announce the approval of the Apple Store a month or so ago and, did get the approval, but it still didn’t work the way I had promised.

I’m working with my programmers to get the issues working but it’s frustrating and I promised to have the app working in a specific way to help people in a specific way and why isn’t the communication working smoothly between my programmers and I and I have deadlines coming up where I am promoting the app and what if it’s still not working properly when I have to speak in front of people about it and I’m losing opportunities to promote the app daily because it’s still not working….and….and…and….

So you can see how this is going. I’m in full possession of monkey mind as they call it in the Buddhist tradition. Cyclical thoughts that sometimes spin out of control and create stress and panic and a totally unproductive mindset for problem solving (which I’m normally quite good at) and creativity. Working on it! Meditated this morning in fact.

Ok, just wanted to share that with you.

This is all happening in NYC, which I love and which always makes me my most creative self so I need to peace out.

Little cool tidbits from this trip…yesterday eating at a terrible dive deli, food awful but two Broadway actors discussing their show experiences and gossip about other actors. MOMA – at the Studio 57 show in the basement, from one of my favorite NY art time periods, I’m watching artist made films from the 70’s & 80’s in a little space and there are two older artist looking people sitting in the front row. The man exclaims “There you are!”. A few minutes later the woman says “Look how young I looked!”. Only in NYC!

Thanks so much for reading this or else I would have no outlet for this stuff (as always, comments welcome)!

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