Should We Separate Great Art from Transgressors in the #MeToo & Other Movements?

Well, this is a toughie.

I imagine it will also be a controversial subject for some.

MeToo, behave, art, artist

Pablo Picasso

Upfront, I will say that I think that these two things need to be separated. Example – should we never watch the film, The Usual Suspects again just because Kevin Spacey is in it and he is a movement transgressor? The performance he gives in that film is positively genius. How could we rid the world of that kind of beauty? We would be the losers in the end.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the punishment of bad behavior, especially as it’s been such a long time coming. And let’s make room for the next generation of talent who knows how to behave themselves, by all means! But, the art that exists, that means so much on its own, let’s still revere it.

Let’s be honest, if we dismissed work from all of the badly behaved artists in the world we’d lose most everything from the past (and most of them we don’t even know what awful things they may have done).

So this is a very delicate balance to be sure. We need all of the beautiful, truthful and brilliant art in the world that we can get. We don’t need to ignore, promote further, or even forgive the artist who made it but we do need to see the art on its own as a work that stands the test of time alone, without anyone speaking for it. As we would accept a child from a known transgressor on its own, not judging it by its parent’s failings.

truth, honesty, opinion, converseI do understand the opposite side of this – I really do – and welcome your opinion if you feel I am wrong or just emotionally just can’t swallow this. And dare I ask, would love your feedback here. Anything is fair game as I love opinions and honest thought. Teach me something. This is a fair and inviting space – I do my best anyway.

Throw me some view, give me your opinion, converse your comment. I desire it.

Hope to hear from you!

Love you, whoever you are!

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