Wanna Hear About My Techie Millennial Approval?

So last Thursday was the Arts Technica event at the Cambridge Innovation Center Boston for Art Week.

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CIC Boston, Art Week – Me & Liz Cantor

It was a smashing success and I had a great time!

It was an event mostly populated with techie millennial guys, many of whom work at the Cambridge Innovation Center and are working on their own techie projects (why do I keep saying “techie”?). I had all kinds of interesting conversations about my project and topics related to it, annoyances in people’s lives relating to technology, terrifying impending doom scenarios related to AI (just check out some of Elon Musk’s fears aired in the media over the last year or so) and personal, touching topics that encourage me.

The most inspiring revelation I had all evening was that techie millennial after techie millennial (stop it!) loved my app idea! Hallelujah, they loved it and it’s something they wouldn’t have thought of themselves! Of course not, really, as that’s not where they’re coming from but it’s still such a boost to my confidence. It makes the struggle that I’ve been going through with my programmers worth pushing through.

For those of you just joining this saga….I am talking about the app I’m creating called All The Pardons – The App That Tells You Not to be Rude with Your Cell Phone.

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Random tech guys

I also had asked people to write down a phone behavior pet peeve that actors would present as what the behavior looks like now and what it would have looked like before the invasion of the cell phone. Of course one of my actors was sick and I would have to fill in, which I did but as loud as we could act out a scenario, it was not loud enough and no one heard us or noticed us. In the end we just had discussions with people about the app and their thoughts about it, which is what I enjoy doing most anyway.

Thanks so much to the Cambridge Innovation Center Boston for hosting me, ArtWeek for helping me find CIC Boston, Liz Cantor for helping at the event, Brigid Watson for attempting to and those of you who came, and to those of you who missed it and would like to know about other events in which All The Pardons will be front and center, please sign up on my mailing list attached to this site.

I look forward to seeing you next time!

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