The Big Magic of Elizabeth Gilbert….🎩

As I go through the incredibly stressful experience of trying to sort out my new app and get it up and running (programmers have been less

live creatively, no fear

Author Elizabeth Gilbert

than honest┬áby trying to induce money out of me to keep making unnecessary changes and it’s still not working properly – working on this) I have been looking for inspiration and encouragement in the world.

I found that encouragement this past week from a podcast interview with the writer Elizabeth Gilbert. The podcast is On Being, as many of you already know I listen to pretty regularly. It was a re-broadcast but who cares when it hits right when you need it, am I right?

Here are some of the ab-fab points that I absorbed like a sponge:

1) The people who will lead and have the most followers in the future will be the people who can hold diametrically opposed ideas in their heads at the same time (as life is not and has never been black & white, only shades of gray).

no fear creativity

No Fear

2) The idea that we have made creativity, which is our unique superpower as humans (we are makers), precious and elite to the point where we convince most people that they don’t possess the ability to access it. We have degraded the idea of creativity and with it degraded ourselves.

3) Creative living is choosing the path of curiosity over the path of fear. AND…choosing to live a life of curiosity is living life as a work of art, a spirit of being (I LOVE this idea!).

4) Society fetishizes passion when most of life is pretty boring and mundane.

All of this makes me realize that we truly live in a 1984 world these days where all of the messages around us are fake and so many decide to believe in the fakeness we are fed instead of seeing what is truly in front of us. I choose the red pill as as least I can trust it. That’s a good place to start, I believe. What do you think?

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