Do You Often Forget That There is Balance in the World? ☯️

So, this MUST have happened to you at some point…. I mean, it’s not just me, right?

Someone does something, ahem, unpleasant to you and you curl up inside and start to back away. You begin to close up, get a little bitter and start to mentally shut them out.

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The Art of Asking – a true inspiration.

Truly, I think most of us do this or at least have done it at some point. Whether it’s on an institutional level, a friend does something, or even a client, trust is a commodity that we keep close and don’t share lightly.

Well, as some of you already know, I am a pretty big fan of Amanda Palmer and support her Patreon, in a very humble way. I don’t do this lightly, commonly, nor is it selfless. I get a lot out of what she makes and what she writes and, therefore, she in turn supports my artwork through her ideas. This is exactly what she writes about in her bestselling book, The Art of Asking. The idea that even though you may not see a direct exchange from artist to patron in financial terms (there are all sorts of ways to do it) that doesn’t mean there isn’t one there.

So this week I was thinking about a passage in Amanda’s book, The Art of Asking,  about a couple who were kind of stalking her in Berlin and then showed up to a party she threw for Kickstarter patrons in which she ended up naked with everyone writing on her (long story) and this stalky couple end up sexually assaulting her. Talking to her husband afterward she talked herself through the gamut of thoughts (as I often do) of feeling angry, hurt, betrayed and then talking herself into a place where she could zoom out and see the larger picture of where those people might fit in. It’s the yin and the yang in the end. All good comes with bad and all bad comes with good. They are inextricable, we must accept one with the other and find the use and purpose of both if we are to be contented.

I always have believed in this way of thought but we humans have a way of forgetting what we know so well from time to time and lately I had forgotten a bit. When something happens that makes you feel angry, hurt and betrayed, ask yourself – Why did this need to happen? What am I supposed to learn from this? What good thing might I not be able to have if this wasn’t the other side of the coin?

And let me know if you have any of these incidences to share or your experience with trying it out. I’d love to hear about them.

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