You Do Know What Extreme Wealth Means, Don’t You? 📍

So maybe it’s because I’m from the Midwest originally but I find the East Coast, beautiful, diverse, metropolitan and cold (and I don’t mean the temperature).

Quaint Vermont Town, Woodstock, VT, white, no diversity, beautiful

Quaint Vermont Town

I’ve lost count of how many people told me “I have enough friends” back in the day. I couldn’t imagine what that meant. I was a naive outgoing midwesterner who was considered threatening somehow for these same traits. How could anyone ever have enough friends, I thought?

What I’ve learned over the years is that people who say things like that are scared. They are scared of new things, new people and possibly even growing in any way. This of course has nothing to do with me but one can’t help but take it a bit personally no matter how many times I might have told myself not to do it.

Recently, through networking initiatives, I have been meeting more people and here and there hit it off with someone where I am always the one who suggests keeping in touch or meeting up again. I do believe that they reciprocate honestly in saying that they are interested in that too, however, I have yet to know someone besides myself who actually makes contact and follows through.

I’m thinking that this might be a contributing factor behind the condition our country is in right now. We’ve gotten so buried in our technology and have absorbed all of the scare tactics of the nightly news to the point where we are all convinced that the person behind us in the grocery store line is crazy or out to get us.

company, togetherness, peace,  friendship

Three Amigos – happy just to be together

The thing we forget, and I mean all of us even on our best days, is that every one of us on this planet basically wants the same things (barring mental illness, of course – whole other blog) – to live in peace and with freedom, for our kids to be safe, to just have enough money to feed our families and be in a comfortable home, and to not have violence threaten us in any aspect of our daily lives. In other words, to have just enough. At some point money starts becoming something used to fill an empty hole in us as well as show something to other people rather than have just enough of it to be happy and thrive.

Overly wealthy neighborhoods these days are making me feel ill as I drive through them thinking about how they have acquired so much, which could have only been made possible by taking advantage of the privilege and complete advantages over others that they have and have had. A giant mansion really could only be acquired by what is now called “status hoarding” – keeping all of the advantages for me and mine while you go without anything. It’s a whole other way of looking at the world and we have been conditioned to not look at it that way. The system only works if no one takes the red pill and sees the truth.


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