Are You Sorry, Or What? 😥

So….the words “I’m Sorry”.

Apologies, Love, kindness, manners, mores

I’m Sorry, I Love You

Are these words as problematic in the world for you as they are for me?

Not the words themselves, although their absence from daily life, in a meaningful way, is also a large problem.

I mean the hollowness of the words when you do hear them from time to time. It seems like they are going by the wayside with our feelings of community.

It feels to me as if society’s carefully laid out social mores are broken and lying all over the ground and we are stomping on them each day. It’s also hard when you’re surrounded by this change in behavior on a colossal level and in the meantime you’re still trying to be a good and conscientious person. Not easy, my friend.

The two situations that are coming to mind as most prevalent is the deliberate cutting in front of, elbowing to get ahead, stepping on and stealing things (such as parking spaces) all while mumbling a feeble “Sorry” making certain not to make any eye contact whatsoever.

The other is the rare sound of someone saying it to you at all. Society seems to be moving toward a conditioning of never taking responsibility for anything negative that we do to each other (the lone wolf who does is sometimes berated for it – that’ll show him/her). Or are we just becoming so self absorbed that we don’t even notice what we’re doing to those closest to us (that doesn’t serve as an excuse by the way)?

“Sorry” is not a get out of jail free card. It was intended to have meaning and feeling behind it. Without the slightest bit of guilt or remorse, the word has no substance and would be better not said at all, which is also happening.

In those instances it feels as if we are going back to our rightful place in the animal kingdom. Maybe we are. In the process of killing off all of the other animals we may be feeling the need to stand in. Subconscious psychology at its best.


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