Can You Be Auto-Corrected By A Smart Composer?

So I read an article this week about how Google is working to get closer and closer to anticipating what we will be thinking of next – kind of like auto-correct for everything. Am I the only one who’s creeped out by this?

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Trapped inside a Google mind

I like my free will.

Let’s say you have a frustrating and busy day (like most days) and you think that you’d like to listen to your favorite band and your favorite song by your favorite band, but you haven’t listened to it in eons. Google will anticipate what it thinks you want to listen to at that moment and if it’s just a little bit more difficult for it to find something or it keeps insisting that what you want to hear is something else you may not put the extra effort into finding what you’d really want. Rinse, repeat, expand.

At what point will we allow our computers to auto complete our lives, because it’s just easier?

The article begins with the writer, who is generally a stickler for words, being prompted to begin emails with “Hi” from “Hey”. Seems harmless enough, right? Except that he would have never used “Hi” previously and was changed by an algorithm.

I guess I’m worried about our existing inclinations as a human race to believe whatever people tell us and our softness to become brainwashed so easily already. Am I off base?

I’m also afraid that I like my free will a bit more than most people. You?

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