Close Your Eyes and Imagine This…. 😦

So, I’ve heard some comments in the news lately regarding racism and white supremacy as being “on the rise” in our country.

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Living on a slow learning curve in America

I understand that maybe they more precisely mean that the people who have chosen to think this way have been spurred on, and have been made to feel welcome to be wide open in their views, by our federal government but they are wildly mistaken if they mean that the level of racism and white supremacy wasn’t always at the level it’s at now. The question is hidden or deployed?

It becomes more clear to me every day how few white people understand, with any kind of empathy, what its like to be a person of color, an immigrant or even to experience religious persecution in this country (and I’m even talking about the people who’s families, just a generation ago, experienced religious or immigrant related persecution – and in some cases, they are even the immigrants themselves!) – I attach today’s related news story from Politico (thanks Tilden!).

Let’s do an exercise…. Let’s close our eyes for a minute and imagine we want to buy a house in a nice suburban

Institutional racism, housing descrimination

Dream House or Nightmare Scenario?

neighborhood, maybe even the very house we live in now. We drive around this lovely neighborhood and see a “FOR SALE” sign in front of the house of our dreams. We call the phone number on the sign and ask to see the house. The realtor says to come over to the office and they will discuss that house and some others that are similar in price in the area. We go to the realtor’s office, walk in the door, meet the realtor and suddenly all of the properties are now sold or otherwise unavailable.

Every other realtor in the neighborhood is now saying the same thing, even though through the coming week that sign you originally saw is still sitting on the front lawn of the house you fell in love with. How would you feel?

This is one of several stories I’ve been told by black and brown friends. Think it’s not an institutional practice? I dare you to ask any person of color if they have a similar story.

Next question….do you have any friends of color to ask?


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