Where Is the Understanding of Our Fellow Man/Woman?

So the thing that is frustrating me the most these days is the knee-jerk responses, and even those not as much in the knee-jerk category, to people

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Colin Kaepernick

who believe that they are doing the right thing. What they are doing may or may not be the right thing for you and I, but they believe it is the right thing for them. And the instances that I’m thinking about are not only the right thing for them, but are also mind-blowingly brave and admirable.

Yes, I’m thinking of Colin Kaepernick, who as you all know unless you’ve been trapped under a large rock, began to kneel during the National Anthem last year. He has so eloquently explained his stance and why he’s doing it, here’s an example, and people continue to ignore that, as if he’s never explained himself, and insist that this is about only insulting a symbol of our country – the flag. I have seen so many service people and ex-service people stand up and support what Kaepernick is doing and say that they fought for his right to do what it.

So, my question is….are these people saying they want him silenced and, accordingly, see our country go down the road toward authoritarianism and fascism? Is this what we fought two world wars for?

I find this guy so inspiring. He knew what this might mean for his career and prepared himself for it because he can’t look at himself in the mirror each morning knowing that he’s got a well paying job and, at the same time, there are people who are being shot and assaulted everyday because they have skin in a shade similar to his. And, anyway, when IS the right time for black people to protest against they way they are being treated? Me thinks this question would fall on silent times if one of these objectors were asked it.

And if you haven’t seen the Nike ad featuring Kaepernick yet, here you go…. It’s inspiring as hell and made me cry.

I am happy to see that Nike’s sales are up 30%. 😀

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There are many more instances but the other immediate one that comes to mind this week is Olivia Munn, the actress who has been doing promotion alone for the new remake of the film The Predator, because she was being rejected by the rest of the (male) cast after she called out the director when he brought a documented child predator onto the set to do a scene for the movie. Munn was successful in her protest but was then left alone to promote the film – read here. She was not told who she would be working with before filming began.

It looks like that situation is now working itself out but Munn was pretty upset about the whole situation and her lack of cast support when she was doing the hard duty (as it always is) of doing what she thought was right. In this particular situation, it looks like they all now agree that it was the right thing to do.

Why does doing the right thing have to be made to be so hard? It’s hard enough to do in the first place…..

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