A Little Less Judgy Judge, Maybe…Please?

Ok, so went to see a sneak preview of a new film last night, Life Itself more on that in a bit, but as I waited in line to enter the film my eye locked in

Burberry, expensive, privilege

The bag in question….

on the woman waiting ahead of me. She wore a plain, long, black winter coat filled with something (never mind that it was only a slightly cooler day, maybe in the mid-60’s, in September) but I couldn’t help but notice her purse. I noticed it because it was a Burberry bag that I had coveted in a magazine ad several years ago, or one similar anyway. Mind you, this was not a bag that I ever dreamt of owning – ok, yes, I dreamt of owning it but was certain it would never happen. We’re talking a bag that went for around $1700 when it came out. This amount is significantly higher than my monthly mortgage and I’m not stupid. Unless some fictitious fairy godmother had appeared (and I would have assumed that someone had slipped me LSD anyway) and plopped the bag in my lap, that bag would never have been in my possession (barring all of the illicit options, of course 😁).

So, the track of thoughts in my mind were as follows – pretty average shoes and coat but crazy expensive bag – why is she in line for a free film preview? Owning that bag means that she can pay for a movie, right? And on I went…judge, judge, judge….

I caught myself though. It is not a far reach to imagine that someone gave her that bag. There are plenty of wealthy parents out there buying their kids things that help them misunderstand the value of money – and boy oh boy does that purse accomplish that!

She didn’t seem snobbish or affected as she waited ahead of me in line for 20 minutes or so. Those things are pretty easy to suss out if you pay attention. As she worked away on her phone she slowly listed into one of the upcoming movie displays, which was ginormous, and the third of it she leaned into started to fall forward but she was very careful to replace it just as it was originally standing.

So the lesson we’ve learned here today? Try not to be so judgy. This is a very judgy society we live in and everyone thinks they’re smarter and better than everyone else. The absolute truth is – we really don’t know shit. Let’s just admit that now and get it over with, right?

A little more understanding and brotherly/sisterly love, please? Ok, let’s just start with less judging and move on from there.

film, promo, plug

Life Itself Movie


Life Itself, was a really interesting film. From the outset you aren’t really sure what is going on, mostly because it’s one of those films where you really don’t get the whole picture until it’s tied into a knot for you at the end (I really don’t want to give anything away here just in case…). I like that style and though there were some elemental points in the film that I thought needed more explanation or wouldn’t really happen in real life, it made its points, which were bigger than the loose ends. It tried to accomplish a lot while making you see life and the world a little differently than you probably are thinking about it these days, which I appreciate in any art form. It did it’s job as an art form in a mostly enjoyable way. Bravo!

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