Won’t You Be My Neighbor? ❤️

It’s officially fall, time to rope things in, settle down and move on.

friendly, talk, share, connect

Snowshoe Neighbors

Or maybe it’s time to settle in and learn more….

Who are we? What do we really believe in? Do we only believe in it until it’s inconvenient for us or puts us out in some way?

I guess it depends who we’re talking about but, generally, Americans aren’t thought of as resolute and dependable. Our past, and present, has shown us to be, more often, insincere and self-motivated.

I, for one, would like to see that change. My thought on this is for each person to take one action in the direction of national healing. This is just a small action that everyone can take toward the goal of healing and it’s non-political, non-partisan and only asks that each person overcomes their fear of talking to one another, and their perceived impressions, for a moment in time.

This does not have to be a “love at first sight” venture. In fact, “love at first sight” is a rarely seen, if ever, in life reality. The quality of an idea and/or relationship needs to be nurtured and grown through time and trust.

So, here’s what I’m proposing…. that we all get to know our neighbors a bit better. Starting slow and deliberately… say “hello” if you don’t normally do that. Just make that a regular thing.

Talk, converse, meet, learn

Tunnel Neighbors

If you already say “hello” regularly, then say something that will help you to know something more about your neighbor. Ask how their day is going or how they survived the big storm or what they plan on doing for the holiday or whatever seems like an obvious question about them. The point is, be interested in them…don’t talk about yourself (unless they ask), just make it about them. It’s a start.

Oh, and this doesn’t have to only be about the people who live next to you. It can also be about your cubicle neighbor, or your treadmill neighbor, or your yoga neighbor, or your sidewalk neighbor – you know, be creative.

Let’s get out of our own heads and be about others for a little while. K?

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