Have You Tried Being Selfish with Kindness?

Have you ever had a bad day where you weren’t sure why it was bad, or just felt grumpy, or even had an actual reason for it to be bad…and

generosity, kindness, selfishness

A sunrise in Iceland from 2014. It’s so beautiful that I thought it was kind to share it with you.😀

then….something moves you do something nice for another person – a random act of kindness – and all of a sudden you feel so much better…as if your day was reset?

This is what we need right now!

In a world filled with negativity, frustration and struggle, random acts of kindness are accessible to us in abundance and can get us out of our self-oriented funk. And don’t get me wrong, the acts don’t have to be selfless, in fact to the contrary, they can be completely self serving. In fact, if they are completely self serving they will make my conclusion more on point because, let’s face it, we all want to feel a bit better about the world these days and we are getting desperate in our desire to feel this to some degree. Wouldn’t we all make random acts of kindness a regular appointment on our calendars if we knew it would work?

It will work!

Us humans are hard wired for generosity. Our reward for doing something kind for someone else is a bit of an endorphin rush to the brain. It feels good!

generous, benevolence, good will

Kind, networking work environment.

There’s a reason why this is the foundation of the job seeking, networking world right now (well, really always was but it’s on steroids now). This process so easily sorts out who to trust and who not to – it’s really a win/win, right?

It’s also ironic that this networking world is getting more pronounced and people are isolating more and more, losing their social skills at the same time. The world is so fantastically balanced in so many ways, if you pay attention.

And here is my last thought to all of you (you are there, aren’t you?) – people are humans first, and opinions second.

That is all.

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