Do We Want the Continuing Legacy of the Ugly American?

Who do we want to be?

evil, unkind, unfriendly, mean

Not a good look

Things are moving so fast these days, and accelerating so quickly, that I don’t think anyone is slowing down enough to ask this important question.

Who do you, personally, want to be?

Is it more meaningful for you to be on the right side, correct over others, or a good & kind person?

This is an important distinction to make because I feel as if we’re losing grip on this.

I heard a blog guest say recently, “Remember that political adversaries are people first and opinions second”. This is often difficult to remember because everyone thinks they have a good reason for what they think and feel and that others do not, but of course they think the same thing. People who are racist honestly don’t think they are racist because they don’t really know what racism is. They were either brought up with it as normalized behavior in their households or as commonplace in our institutionalized racist society. It’s like being angry at a kid for kicking the dog after he’s seen the dog kicked by his father for years and no one said anything. See what I’m saying?

So, this leads me to what I really want to talk about today, and that is the behavior I’ve been witnessing in society lately.

I live in a very blue state and it’s critical for us to realize that we are degenerating just as fast as the rest of the country is with our behavior.

I went to an advanced film screening the other night and was warned to get there early. Invites are given out for these far and wide and at this time of year it’s first come gets in – period – no guarantees.

I felt the crowd’s tension the minute I got there. In addition, there was something else going on in relation to this screening and people were coming who were preregistered and checking in at a table inside. We, on the other hand, were standing in a long line outside and it was COLD (not just cold). Entry was looking pretty sketchy for the majority of us. The company that was organizing the screening (if that’s what you want to call it) was handling it badly, treating the outside line as if they were pawns in this game (which we were) and wasn’t communicating what was going on to anyone.

kindness, understanding, openness, listening

The future will be different – but better or worse?

I understand that this was rude on the company’s part, no doubt, but everyone there in line was there voluntarily and it said right there on our invitations that we might not get in.

So, do we deserve everything in our lives to be perfect? Do we actually think that people are obligated to give us free things? What do we suppose is their motivation in giving us something for free (if you actually believe that anything is actually free)? Most importantly, is it in our best interests to be an awful human being in the pursuit of receiving something for free?

What I witnessed was an ugly conglomeration of examples of entitlement, which I believe are representative of our ‘downfall of the Roman Empire’ issues.

Can you see it around us everywhere….the ugly American? Can we do better? I know so. And with the effort can come a better future.

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