So, Things Don’t Always End Up the Way We Plan. You Know That, Right?

This post was a long time in the works.

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All The Pardons App

It’s not that I didn’t want to send something similar a while ago, but I’ve been waiting for some resolution. I suppose I was hoping that I would have a better or finite answer to pass on to all of ya. Maybe even a happily ever after.

But life doesn’t always work that way, does it (my inner rationalization wants to argue – “Yes it does!”)?

So, this is all in regard to my last installation project, the All The Pardons app.

I put so much time and effort into it, but in the end hired a less than honest, capable nor ethical programmer. “What did I know?” says my defensive brain. I dove head first into the world of technology – a world that I knew little about. I mean, I was more tech savvy than half of the population, but not in the ways of app development and tech product design.

In my mind, this was an art installation, pure and simple. There was a bit of naivité on my part as well as some unwarranted urgency, in retrospect. I did search for a programmer for a while and felt frustrated at the lack of resources I was finding. A lot of my leads were hitting dead ends and people at universities weren’t calling me back or just weren’t putting much energy into helping me out with information. This frustrated me, as it would anyone, and so, enter the false sense of urgency.

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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

At this point, I have a lawyer from Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) who is slowly working through this and trying to get me, at least, some of my money back. It’s not ideal and I’m not sure I can get any of it back, but we’re trying. My ideal situation would be to get a substantial amount of it back and return all of the money that I got through my Indiegogo campaign to the donors. At this point I am onto new projects and the momentum on this one has been lost. I may still be able to find a way to return the money but I’ll have to see how this goes.

In the end, I am an artist and wouldn’t be much of one if I wasn’t willing to take risks and make myself vulnerable. This is part of the deal and when a risk is taken, no outcome is guaranteed. I’m ok with that. This is who I am, and to be honest, I’ve got a pretty good track record of positive outcomes on my projects. This is the only one I haven’t been able to see through to fruition at all and that’s not bad. I just wish it hadn’t cost me so much.

Live and learn my friend, live and learn….


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  • Art is so much risk! It’s also so hard to cross those knowledge base boundaries, and we really want the best of collaboration. I’m so sorry this didn’t work out, but I’m glad that you are able to move on to other projects. I hope you have some wonderful inspiring art to share in the future!

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