So, Things Don’t Always Work Out the Way We Plan. You Know That, Right?….Part II

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After last week’s post, I got a few 😢 emoji responses from people on social media, regarding All The Pardons app.

This, honestly, surprised me (although it shouldn’t have) and made me realize that, though it would have been nice if things had gone more my way, I am not sad.

I still love the project and what it attempted to say to people and feel that, though it can’t be used as an actual app, it still exists virtually.


I almost love this idea more than the original. For one thing, it’s cheaper. 😁 For another, it can be whatever it wants to be in this form. In other words, it can reach its fullest potential and continue to adapt, in whatever terms that defines. How exciting that sounds to me!

So that was one of the things that made me feel an urgency to follow up the last posting with a Part II.

The other was that I truly wanted to thank everyone who supported me on this journey. This means those of you who asked how things were going on a regular basis (and still do), those of you who offered services or provided services, and those of you who donated toward making it happen (I am going to make every effort to reimburse you guys).

It’s important to me that you all know how valued you are in my eyes. As an artist, it makes all of the difference in the world to know people support you in any, even small, way when you are putting yourself out there in a risky and vulnerable situation.

My love to you for any and everything you did to help.

Be kind to each other.

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