Do You Choose the Blue Pill or the Red Pill?

The argument for seeing whiteness.

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America, possibly more than any country in the world (though many others closely follow), worships the dollar and will do almost anything for it. Our country was founded on this idea and it is how slavery became such a big part of our history, purchasing human beings as free labor to build our country and build it up quickly. It is really what our country was founded on and we can’t change that.

Once a group of people have been collectively labeled in a certain way (1 black person = 3/5 of a person), even though most of these dehumanizing declarations were made only to create more profit for themselves and less (or no) opportunity for the oppressed, it is extremely hard to reverse the public’s view of these oppressed people. The prejudices have been institutionally ingrained into the psyche and programs of the government, the laws, business decisions, etc.

Example, after World War II, programs were set up to help white soldiers adjust back to life in the US. A New Deal program through the Federal Housing Administration helped white families become home owners but tied mortgage eligibility to race through a system known today as “redlining” and the Social Security Act of 1935 was set up as a safety net for retired Americans but specifically excluded agricultural workers and domestic servants who were predominantly African American, Mexican and Asian. There are many more examples but these types of policies made sure that no wealth was gained by these populations. I’m sure you get the picture…do you?

So the question in my mind is from the opposite perspective. White people have been living a very privileged life without thinking much about it for a very long time. On the whole, most of the white population has been content to think that anyone of color must not be as smart or chooses to only live in segregated areas of many segregated cities or any of a variety of other racist ideas that have been floated institutionally into the air we breathe and fed to us in any direction we might choose to look.

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Take the red pill

I’m thinking that it’s time (way past time, in fact) to take the red pill and see the world as it really is.

As I have mentioned before, I’m working on a public art piece to help white people see the White Matrix. It’s the false world we’ve all been living in and seeing around us. It’s just a start, but, I believe a move in the right direction as no one can heal and move forward to true social and economic equity (which is the democracy we tell ourselves we are living in) without taking the red pill (The Matrix allusion – if you’ve never seen it, it’s a MUST).

What do you choose?

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