Trent Reznor is a genius (this is redundant).

Hello There.

Yes, I took a little sabbatical because of a death in the family, however, today is the first day that I’ve felt completely alive again and it is due to art, hence it belongs here.

I come to NY to get my monthly dose of inspiration and here I am.  What am I doing?  I am watching Nine Inch Nails videos and interviews.  Why, you ask?  They are reminding me of why I love art and how it’s done properly.  Trent Reznor, who essentially IS Nine Inch Nails does it as well as the best of them but in a tremendously different way.  I don’t recommend it for everyone – the music or the method – as it could get a bit dangerous and loud, but that is the lure.  Reznor has such emotion and puts his entire body into everything he does.  Here is a video from the late 90’s which is still about as cutting edge as it gets Only .

Granted NIN is a bit harder edged, but that is a necessity as Trent was so filled with pain and self-loathing.  It was his way of keeping alive although he barely managed it.  Try to think of anyone you’ve seen performing with this much angst and feeling Something I Can Never Have .  It’s brilliant with a simple, meditative, droning piano haunting the song.  It breaks my heart and exhausts me every time I see it.
Also, the song Hurt which was covered by Johnny Cash – a fellow addict which is what Hurt is about – the self degradation, pain and isolation of addiction.  This video is from the benefit for Haiti last year Hurt.

So, Trent is now a healthier guy.  He is married, drug free and was nominated for a Golden Globe with Atticus Ross for the soundtrack to The Social Network this year.  Go Trent!  Thanks for saving yourself so we can have future years of your greatness.

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