Which Leader Would You Follow?

So, with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day this week, I’ve been thinking about leadership, and the lack there of, in the world. Not just now, but always.

Strong, brave, principled, respectable

Follow the Leader

It’s so interesting to me how the truly amazing and follow-worthy leaders usually never set out to be leaders at all. They are mostly reluctant leaders but end up being the most positive, note-worthy and iconic personalities as opposed to those who seek the limelight and often end up going down in infamy.

I was listening to the On Being podcast last week which re-aired an interview with Mary Oliver, Listening to the World, a world renowned poet who also died the same week. She had never intended to share her poetry with the world, originally. She grew up in a toxic household where putting pen to paper provided the only safe place to get her thoughts out of her head. The paper was her best friend, therapist and sounding board.

MLK Jr.’s father beat him terribly and regularly and in addition his entire family suffered humiliating mistreatment by white residents of Atlanta on a regular basis (not surprising). He had trauma and pain to spare and put it out into the world through his work trying to heal the country’s social ills.

pain, abuse, sadness, healing, repair, fuse, success

Therapy Anyone…er…Everyone?

Maybe a version of therapy is all we really need?

We all need healing of one sort or another. Maybe some of us feel we need it in a quiet, private and internal way which appears to the world as approachable, trustworthy and stable while others are trying to fill the need with public approval in a loud, controlling and even manipulative way. In my opinion (did anyone even ask?) the former works better but clearly, it sets the person up as something that they might not want to be.

But really, in the end, do we even have a choice as to which direction we go? Do you think we do? Thoughts in the comment section?

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