From a Marshall to an App?

This week I saw a sneak preview of Marshall, a film about the famous supreme court justice, Thurgood Marshall. Up front, I

Marshall, the movie

Marshall, the movie

highly recommend it (I haven’t done a movie review in a while, have I?), but more than that, it’s a very important film. This is true not just because Thurgood Marshall is a vitally important figure in American history, but because white America knows so little about him.

Marshall didn’t just have to be better than the other attorneys he encountered, he had to think rings around them, and he did. His IQ was on an equal level as his EQ (emotional quotient). He met, scanned, read and targeted a Jewish lawyer in the town he arrived in to defend a black man charged with raping a white woman. This was during the second World War and he knew that this was a man who had worries overseas (the Holocaust), the same worries my family had, and because of these worries he knew that this man would not be able to turn away from a clear cut case of prejudice in the end, besides we all know how good it feels to actually help someone (we do, don’t we?).

So, I bring this up because the film rattled some old feelings in me and made me think of my motivations to do the work that I do. The themes in this film resonate thoroughly with the issues that motivate me and so I have felt a strong connection to it that has grown stronger as the week has progressed.

This naturally leads to my motivations as the creator of Social Acupuncture/Social Meditation, and the first two projects under that heading, All The Bandages and All The Pardons. My father, who passed away a year ago August, was a Holocaust survivor and I imagine most of the survivors are nearing the end of their lives at this point in time. I am, and he would have been, terrified by what’s going on in the world right now. I feel passionately that with a little slowness of pace, opening of ears and eyes and patience with one another – going back to old fashioned manners – that we can get a lot more accomplished.

So, nearing the end of my plug cycle, but I need your help and I’m asking for it as plainly as I can, with so much gratitude for anything you can do. Please consider pledging to my Indiegogo campaign by clicking on the button below. It will help support my creation of All The Pardons, mentioned above, which is an app that will aide people in being kinder to one another. $1 is fine, if that is all you can spare. In fact, that’s awesome! I appreciate you, all of you, even if you can’t donate anything. A plug by you on social media is also appreciated though!


Are You Finding People To Be Generally Angry?

So…here is my motivation….

All us little veggies getting along harmoniously.

All us little veggies getting along harmoniously.

If you follow any of my social media feeds, you may be wondering why I’m talking so much about etiquette and kindness and presence/thoughtfulness. Well, don’t you think we’re lacking in these areas at the moment as humans? I mean, some of us are better at it than others but still, I feel my humanity slipping away along with everyone else. I want to save it and help you save yours too. I’m allowed to try to do that, right? Try being the key word….

So, that is what All The Pardons app is about and why I’m working so hard to launch it into the world.

I was thinking this week about how society has gotten so crowded and society’s social mores have broken down so much that we are each bestowing and receiving little hurts to each other every day, but that in itself is not the damaging part. The most damage is coming from us sublimating these little indecencies multiple times a day, each and every day. We push them down, convince ourselves that they don’t actually hurt us and move on to the next thing. Some speak up, and start fights with strangers and/or friends (we all know these people too, am I right?), but most of us keep it all buried because it’s not worth it to start something, or we’re too busy, or we’re embarrassed that we would let a stranger hurt us like that.

I’m guessing that most people haven’t even given this much thought consciously. It’s the “can of worms” that we would open and who knows what might come rushing out, right?

So….my work is to prevent some of this in the first place. Anyone who has ever done something nice for someone else, just because, knows downloadthat it makes you feel better. It makes everything better. So, imagine a society where everyone is being kinder to one another. So much more livable, yes?

I’m asking for your help at the moment to fund this project. You can link to it here – Indiegogo. Anything would help – even $1. If you can’t afford $1, would you consider letting your contacts know about this project? I truly appreciate your time for reading this and hope your day is conflict free.

Are You Trapped in the “I’m So Busy” Mindset?

Too busy?

Too busy?

Hi y’all.

Been working on the new Indiegogo page while balancing a sick cat, an elderly mother and the usual pulls of life. Well, you know, not LITERALLY balancing them…. but it sure does feel like we’re all literally balancing all of our stuff somewhere on our persons, doesn’t it?

So, I have decided this week, that I will no longer utter the phrase “I’m so busy” to anyone ever again. Everyone is busy. That’s the state of the state of life now. My thinking is that this phrase is useless. I’ve been thinking about it as I hear it coming out of the mouths of others and can hear it more clearly than when it comes out of my own mouth. Granted I’ve been using it less and less but now it leaves a distasteful residue in my mouth and ears.

Here are the reasons I feel it’s a dead and harmful, yes harmful, phrase.

  • It’s redundant. Everyone is busy and there’s no point in stating it.
  • If there is a point in stating it, it’s often used as an excuse but we all know that we actually do what we want to do in the end, right? So, it’s insulting to the person you’re talking to. It’s the same as saying “I don’t want to make time for you”.
  • It often seems to be used in a competitive way, as if everyone’s trying to be busier than everyone else. I volunteer to be the loser in this battle!
  • Is this “so busy” state really the state we all want to be in? Running around, not thinking clearly, with no time to consider and contemplate? I don’t.
  • I saw an interesting quote recently that said “stress is a dysfunctional relationship with time”. So true. I would like to work on having a better relationship with time.
  • Ok lastly, it just sounds so disingenuous. Am I alone here?

So, that is my argument for better or for worse. I don’t think I’m completely off base though. Let me know what you think.


Separately, the Indiegogo page is coming along and will be released on the public this weekend sometime. I am hoping that this less formatted style of crowd funding will make the whole process less stressful (time…right…relationship…right).

I will be asking for your help, when the time comes, and if you feel that you like the project – All The Pardons app (click on the link to learn more) – and are able, or even want, to help me get it out into the world – I will be truly grateful! Cheers!

Should I Rest Before I Dig In Again?? Yes!!

Ok, one break before I dig in again.Kickstarterlogo

This fall is looking crazy. I need to revamp my website and launch another funding site. All good things but…a lot of work. What isn’t really? Anything worthwhile is always going to be a bunch of work. The plus side is that it distracts the hell out of me which is an advantage no matter how you look at it these days. Am I right?

So, here’s the scoop. The app – All The Pardons – is in the phase where we are testing it and trying to find all of the kinks (not the fun kind) and work them out. Making an app like this is a huge investment of time, resources and money – all of which I’ve funded myself at the moment and it’s bending me a bit further than I’m comfortable with at this point in my life. The crowdsourcing is to help finish this project without making me live in a cardboard box on the curb outside of my house. Good goal, yes?

Secondly, I am looking voraciously (great word, don’t you think?) for people to help me test the app. The app is free, as most apps are. You would receive a download and you would just report back to me on what you find as you’re using it. You would be one of the first one’s in! Exciting, no?

I would love, love, love this collaboration and input. Really. Seriously. Earnestly. Determinedly. Resolutely. Fervently.images

Ok, that was a damned good use of!

Who’s stepping up!?

I’m sticking an adorable kitten in here to beg for me because no one can resist a cute begging kitten, right??

OK…One More Time!!

Ok, I wouldn’t call this a do over….I would call this a next try. I am changing the formula slightly and attempting a more successful

I am talking about a crowd funding campaign – for my app All The Pardons.  It’s the app that lets you know when you’re being rude or insensitive with your cell phone. The second installation from my Social Acupuncture/Social Meditation series. Yes, that’s the one.

Tried Kickstarter, wasn’t for my kind (and I mean the kind that isn’t an already fully funded, corporate, slick, pre-funded entity). Seriously, most of the campaigns I researched on there were funded on their first day and had videos that looked like they had a Hollywood budget. Does that happen? Not for me apparently.

downloadSo, the official plan is to try to do an IndieGoGo campaign. With this site I will be able to keep whatever amount people pledge and not have to reach a goal in order to keep the money. Sounds much better for a tiny little entity of one like me, doesn’t it?

I will be doing more research into this in the next few weeks but the aim looks to be early September for the launch. Are you with me??….I can’t hear you!….. Are you with me???

Please say “yes”. :)

Anyone Know God (can you put in a good word for me)?

Hello Everyone!

So, if God steps in there’s a chance I will make my Kickstarter goal, but assuming he/she’s too busy, probably not. So, I’m working on next steps.

Kickstarter page -

Kickstarter page –

The honest truth is that I don’t have the kind of social media following that one would need to successfully complete a Kickstarter campaign at this level. If you’ve had a chance to look around Kickstarter, the site is no longer a one person indie start up site – the pages are professionally done and the videos look as if Francis Ford Coppola himself lent a hand. This was an experiment and I went in both feet first. You win some, you lose some. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Yada, yada, yada….

My next thoughts move to grants and possibly a smaller Indiegogo campaign where, as opposed to Kickstarter where you only get the pledge money if you reach your final total goal, you get all pledge money in the end (no matter how much it is).

All The Pardons Home Page  being played with

All The Pardons Home Page being played with

This project will happen either way and I want to make a pledge to you that this is the case. I am still working hard in the background on the app (page sample attached here). It’s happening no matter what!

So this is the time for me to humbly ask you to sign up for my mailing list (I promise that I show that list to no one) so that I can keep you informed as to what is going on and when the app will be available. Also, I want to make sure that you get the app when it is ready!

In the meantime…I am looking for some testers to help me work out the kinks. Anyone interested? I would love for it to be one of my loyal Kickstarter backers (those guys get first dibs if they’re interested) or blog readers to help me out with this!

I look forward to hearing from you…..:)

People Really Think You Can Get Rich Off of an App?


So, as most of you know, my Kickstarter for All The Pardons app is three quarters of the way done. This was a learning experience through and through. It’s not over yet, but I think I can pretty safely say that I’m not going to make my goal.

I SO appreciate everyone who’s taken the time and thought to pledge any amount toward this project! You have no idea how much I appreciate it…anddd…I won’t forget it either.

This was a risk and I knew it would be a risk. I also knew that I was diving into totally uncharted

So, I am choosing to unequivocally be proud of myself. Yes, you heard me. “Who does that?”, you say? I’m trying to start a trend here.

So many people have told me that they never would have attempted this but, why not? I say. Nothing ventured, right?

It’s true that I did invest a bit in Facebook advertising – just to see if it would work. I got some attention but not sure how well it worked practically. Anyway, lots learned.

The next options are thus: 1)Redo crowdfunding but on Indiegogo, where there is no goal to reach to get the funding 2)Grant searching (already looking into this) 3)Both 4)Ideas I haven’t come up with yet but working on it.

It’s funny – going back to the title of this post – so many people who I’ve told about the app have said “you’re going to be rich”. That’s probably happened the number of times that you can count on 10 fingers and 10 toes and the companies are household words, but honestly, even those are companies where the app came much, much later, or later anyway. My point is, it’s a rarity and it’s really hard to even make your money back on an app, but of course, it costs a lot to have made, or make.

Anywho, I am mucho open to any ideas any of you may have on opportunities to fund this project. I am already exploring the Aspberger’s/Autism world as I think the app has a lot to offer anyone who has trouble with social cues. Ok, I’m open to ideas…I’m listening…go ahead….:)

I’ve Finally Launched My Kickstarter Campaign! Have You Done This Before?

All The Pardons logo

All The Pardons logo

Ok, so it’s finally launched! I can’t believe it!

This was a long and complicated road. It seemed so simple, but that’s an old story, right?

Have any of you done this, or tried to do this before (I say that because I can totally see how giving up might be an option :)? If you have, I would love to hear your experiences with it.

Well anyway, so my first deadline was set for before I took my vacation (the first one in 3 years has to fall in the middle of a deadline, right?), then it was moved to after my vacation (good move), then because of technical difficulties, two weeks after that. And now it’s done. Well….not done per say, but launched.

And this is exciting! I mean exciting in the way that it feels like you’re deep into a video game and you feel the competitive urge and passion that you must… win! And I do feel the passion here. This is a labor of love and I know you will all see the deep need and use for this app in the world. We all know someone who can use it…or we need it ourselves, right?

So, the next step is that I am now going to ask you to please consider pledging to my Kickstarter campaign. Just in case you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter…it’s all or nothing. Either I make my entire financial goal or I don’t make anything. It’s 30 days long and there are lots of fun gifts that you can get.
You can just pledge $1, if you’d like, and anything you pledge helps me reach my goal – so it’s all important and appreciated by me!

Santa Clara, Cuba

Santa Clara, Cuba

I would also like to ask that if you like what you see & hear, would you please share this with your contacts? The only way this will succeed is if it spreads far and wide and I definitely need help with that part.

On that note I will leave you with one of my gazillions of photos from my recent trip to Cuba where I was struck by the people’s sense of community and great social gifts. I’m not sure we were ever that warm a people here but we have definitely lost a great asset with the onset of technology in the front of our thoughts and phones buried deep within our faces.

How Do You Handle Immense Amounts of Stress?


So, I’m really interested in how you deal. Really. I’m experimenting and learning new things about myself daily with this new venture that I’m up to my eyeballs in – the All The Pardons app.

When you get deep into it…how do you maintain a sane level of anxiety? Or do you? I want to learn from you here.

Well, here’s what’s going on all at once:

  • New versions of the app where I have to visually show what needs to be adjusted
  • Finishing the editing of the video
  • Researching as many Kickstarter campaigns as possible for layout, content and funding
  • Starting and planning getting my Kickstarter video off the ground
  • Planning for promotion once Kickstarter gets off the ground
  • Adding Facebook and Twitter accounts for the All The Pardons app and now planning posts for two accounts from each place, preferably twice a day but this is proving challenging (this is no small feat)
  • Setting up new site hosting accounts
  • Being terrified that this project will crash and burn and I will lose my shirt and end up alone and crying (did I just say that out loud?)

And all of this in addition to my usual obligations and, oh yeah, trying to have a life too.

But I’m not complaining – no matter how much it sounds as if I am… You know why? Because I am a lucky girl! I have been given the great gift of being able to even attempt this risky endeavor, that not many people get the chance to attempt. That’s why. I am grateful. I am.

So, share with me how you deal with stress. I truly want to know.

And don’t forget to enter the contest to name the All The Pardons app logo here.

Have You Ever Made A Video?

Hey all!th

So, video making is easy these days. Seriously, when I was in film school it was a huge freakin’ deal to put a film, or even a video, together. If you made a film it was really expensive, you had to make well sure you got every clip you needed the first time, editing was stressful as you had to literally cut and match the sprockets (I haven’t used that word in a really, really long time) up and tape them together…ok, yes, I know, dating myself. Anyway, it was an ordeal. Video was the tape version and you needed big heavy equipment to do anything.

Soooo, today you need a phone and iMovie, or it’s Android equivalent. So awesome!

The skills are basically the same and I was so happy to find that they hadn’t left me, phew. I shot 3 vignettes that showed little instances where the app would come in handy with guest appearances by some of the Youth Scholars from work, friends of friends, my niece and my mother and then MC’d it myself with my friend Silvia Graziano (thanks Silvia!) who added a great bit of humor. Oh, and another friend, Donna Diamond, who helped shoot the parts I couldn’t (thanks Donna!).

There’s one vignette on the subway that was really challenging as we had to shoot multiple takes on the train with the doors opening from different sides and trying to keep the continuity straight. Not easy I tell you! People were so nice about it though, giving us space and moving to make life easier for us. The train conductor even came over to ask if everything was ok because people kept getting off and on the train over and over again at every stop, heh, heh. You’ll have to tell me if my instincts are any good but the video should be done sometime this weekend. Please let me know what you think!

All The Pardons logo

All The Pardons logo

Oh, and don’t forget about the logo contest! I’m looking to name the All The Pardons logo (see just over here >). Contact me on my website contact page here, or however you want to get it to me, and the best name entry will get an All The Pardons T-shirt with the logo on it after my Kickstarter campaign ends. I’ve got some great entries so far and I might even have some multiple winners by the end. Come on and enter! It’s free!