These are a selection of the many styles available - no two are the same. Please inquire regarding colors, lengths and availability.

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Pink and Green Cutout Necklace. $65

Pink and Purple Cutout Necklace. $65


Teal, Navy and Red Cutout Necklace. $65


Black, Brown, and Yellow Necklace with Salmon. $40

Blue and Purple Necklace with Black cord. $40


Orange and Brown Necklace with Tan cord. $40


Pink/Red Necklace. $40

Black, Gray, and White Necklace with Aqua cord. $40


Blue, Brown Necklace. $40

Black, Gray, White Necklace with Beige cord. $40

Blues and White Necklace with Blue cord. $40

Grays and White Necklace with Black cord. $40


Black Greens and Blues Necklace. $40

Blue and Green Necklace. $40

Black and Pink Necklace. $40


Browns and Red Necklace with Red and Orange cord. $40

Black, Red, Orange, and Yellow Necklace. $40

Blue and Green Necklace with Olive cord. $40


Large Green and Blue Necklace. $40

Large Brown Necklace. $40

Red, Orange, and Yellow Necklace. $40